This alarm is an open source alarm that you will build from scratch with help of Arduino knowledge and electronic knowledge. The alarm has like other alarm system multiple working components, that will together protect your home. The brain in this project is an Arduino Mega that has all the components connected. The code to Arduino is of course free for private use.

The alarm use reed switches and motion sensor to protect agains burglar. And it is under development all the time for code fixes and new functions. The alarm store the information on an SD card that is protected inside of the system box. (Well it’s up to you to protect it).

The alarm can be activated/deactivated thru the ordinary way with a pin code, or thru keypad. Key tags can only be added with a master tag, that you setup on the start up for the first time. If you need to remove one tag you use an special key tag pin that you get when you add a key tag.

The SMS function allows you to get information when the alarm goes on. (And soon you can activate and deactivate alarm thru SMS but it’s still under development.) And if you are using GPS in the alarm you can get GPS location on SMS.

The GPS has also an alarm function, if the GPS sense movements, the alarm will go on. And you will get an SMS about it.

Our goal is to have an powerful alarm system for low cost, and the possible to make it self. We have designed some PCB boards that you can buy for some symbolic amount of the sum we pay for development and shipping.

Well stop reading this now, and go to the component list to check what you need to buy.

why you should build

 get more knowledge

Learn how an alarm system is built

 learn arduino

Learn how Arduino works together with other components

 advanced but low cost

You keep the cost down, but still get an advanced alarm

 safe home

You will get an safe and secure home