you need

To create the alarm you need some components. When we bought this components, we wanted to keep the cost down. So we spend a lot on eBay and bought from Asian countries. Below you will find all the components and if you click on read more you can get more information about them.

arduino mega

The brain that controls the alarm system is an Arduino Mega.


The GPS Module knows where the alarm is and also activate alarm if it sense movements.


To get SMS support in the alarm you need this GSM module to Arduino. 

20×4 LCD

The alarm is made for an 20×4 lcd display. You can use other if you know how to change in the code.

4×4 keypad

An keypad on 4×4 is required, we use an membrane keypad sins it cheep and easy to setup.

sd module

SD module is also required sins it’s the memory for the alarm system, instead of Arduino built in memory.

rtc module

The alarm must have date and time for different functions. So you need an RTC module to the alarm.

pir sensor

PIR sensor is a must in an alarm. This alarm is built for two sensors.

rfid module

An UART RFID module on 125 KHz is optional but recommended incase you want to use key tags.

reed switch

This is a must for the alarm. At least one! To protect doors and windows. The alarm is built for up to 5 of them.

piezo buzzer

The control panel make sounds also. So you need an piezo buzzer so i can make sounds.

relay module

You need an powerful siren for the alarm, so the relay module will start the siren if alarm goes on.

what you need more


To protect all diods you need resistors. You need 5 resistors with 220 ohm.


You need an powerful siren to make some noise when the alarm goes on. Recommended is at least 100 db.

 trim pot

You need an trim pot to handle the text visibility on the LCD display. 

 electronic boxes

You need some good boxes to place all the components in.

 safety switch

Some kind of switch that turns on the alarm if the control box and the system box is open.

pcb card

Prototype or use ours pre made PCB card to solder all the components on.

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